As Socks and Chocs group is now registered we can have a text giving account through Just Giving and Vodaphone (free from commission).

This is really useful for the many people who contact us who can’t, or don’t want to run a collection. It also helps all the people who are running marathons and other sponsored events and who need someway of collecting the donations as they compete in the event.

You all know we really want to inspire people but any cash that is donated goes direct to our aims (only a small amount for admin to keep us legal such as insurance etc).

If you want to donate anything by text then you simply text the word SOCK08 £2 to 70070 (obviously substitute the “2” for the amount you wish to donate.

We will be spending any money on target items including socks, underwear and sleeping bags. We will also use some of it to help us with our B and B idea.

“Lots of people doing a little bit is better than a few doing a lot”.

Please share this everywhere.