By Starting your own collection

Starting your own collection

Anyone can start a collection. You don’t need our permission but we are happy to give you our help. You will need to contact a local homeless centre yourself to receive the collection.  It is your work but please tell then homeless centre that it was inspired by Socks and Chocs.

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By Helping at a local homeless centre

Helping at a local homeless centre

Get in touch with your local homeless centre to see if there’s a way that you can lend a hand, perhaps in helping with their next Socks and Chocs distribution, or helping out at a future event. There’s plenty of ways to get involved.

By Giving a Smile

Giving a Smile

Many people choose to ignore homeless people on the streets, what Socks and Chocs encourages people to do is respect them as you would anyone else.  It’s nice to always acknowledge someone if they speak to you, a short ‘hello’ or smile, could make a difference.

We don’t advise giving people money, it may not be safe to do this and you could be contributing to drug or alcohol abuse, instead it’s handy to know the whereabouts of your local homeless shelter or hostel and to direct them there to seek help.

Whilst it’s not always appropriate to approach someone who is sleeping rough, there are other things you can do, like referring the homeless person to Street Link, this is a charity set up to help people. Just call or go online to tell them the details of where you saw the person sleeping rough and they will send out their nearest support worker to try and help get them into temporary accommodation.

It’s a completely anonymous and free service and great way to help.

By Buying a Big Issue

Buying a Big Issue

Authorised Big Issue sellers are easy to spot with their branded tabards and ID badges.

The Big Issue offers people who are homeless the opportunity to earn their own money; a livelihood. The Big Issue Foundation, as an independent charity for people who are homeless, offers vendors the opportunity of a life. They work tirelessly alongside vendors to help them deal with the issues that have caused their homelessness or have developed as a result of hitting the streets.

It can be as little as 12 months from a significant life event to losing everything and arriving on the street. Last year they worked with over 2500 individuals, enabling people who are homeless to take control of their lives.

So go on grab a copy.

By Take part in your own sponsored event!

Take part in your own sponsored event!

Whether you want to shave your head, run a marathon or simply do a sponsored silence you can help us.

Simply go to Just Giving and find Socks and Chocs as your designated charity and away you go.

Lets make the headlines with the wackiest ideas out there!

You could also just use our general fundraising page but we would rather support what you are doing.


Socks and Chocs is a great way of getting children of all ages involved in fundraising of a different kind, whilst educating them about the social issue of homelessness.

We love to visit schools and tell the Socks and Chocs story but we don’t have as much time to do this as we would like – so we’ve created some resources for teachers to use in the classroom.

We have produced some templates for use in your lessons – whether it’s socks to colour for younger pupils, a donation envelope, or the music and lyrics for the Socks and Chocs song, take a look at our resources.

If you’re a teacher, and are interested in bringing Socks & Chocs to your school please download the pack below to get started.