Socks and Chocs are receiving lots of requests from several groups who “Meet in town and give stuff to the homeless”. S&C is not sure what individual policies these groups operate under. S & C is equally sure that the initiatives are started with the best intentions.

That said we feel that several groups taking stuff to the streets could cause duplication and even stop individuals seeking help from established centres.

We are not sure what provision is made for safeguarding of the individuals they meet or safety measures that are in place for their own safety .

The policy of Socks & Chocs is to support established homeless centres in order that homeless people can access help via such a centre and not as part of a mass handout on the streets.

This is Socks & Chocs policy and we cannot and do not want to stop people doing great things but our policy is to support the established centres.

Socks & Chocs also does not want to suggest that the homeless community, as a whole, are dangerous as this is not the case.

Socks & Chocs will not be giving Socks & Chocs to individuals or groups with no proper provision to ensure the safety and health of the homeless people they meet.

This message is not intended to detract from the intentions of these obviously very caring people – it’s just that Socks & Chocs wishes to work with established centres so that appropriate care and provision can be accessed.

The odd cup of coffee or choc bar given to an individual occasionally is not affected and this policy relates to mass giveouts on the street.

I hope this makes sense.

Ian & Socks & Chocs Team