We love how Socks and Chocs has helped people, and the stories & experience which have been shared. If you’ve got your own, please do get in touch, as we’d love to add it here!

Kitaid collect football kits form around the country and ship them to Africa. The children of Africa didn’t need socks, so Kitaid contacted us and now they donate 600-1000 pairs of socks every 2-3 months. The homeless people of Birmingham are all wearing football socks and baseball caps thanks to Kitaid.

A massive thank you to GFN Birmingham for working with us to produce this excellent website.

In 2017 we have paid rent for two homeless centres in Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

We have also bought washing machines, driers and cookers for centres.

Socks and Chocs has also funded welcome packs for people when they get their first home as often they have nothing.