New Years Honours List – Ian Northcott BEM

I am honoured and more than a little bit embarrassed that I have been awarded the British Empire Medal (BEM) as part of the New Years Honours List 2016. I am not sure I deserve it.

The London Gazette lists it as:

“Ian Robert Northcott, lately Police Constable, West Midlands Police. For services to the community particularly Homeless People in the West Midlands”.…/issue/61450/supplement/N32…/new-years-honours-full-mi…

I am pleased that the police work has been mentioned but in my opinion awards should only be for things you do out of paid employment. Therefore I am chuffed to bits that has been recognised as helping people who are homeless, now nationally as well as in West Mids.

I am delighted to accept this award on behalf of my close Socks & Chocs team; Rosie, Kate, Lesley W, Cathy and Rob. (You are all fab).

It would be wrong of me not to thank past members of Socks & Chocs who all helped along the way; Tony, Les B and Mara. Good luck in your new ventures.

Special helpers include; Ness, Nicky and Brian & David (my father and father in law) who act as the logistics team. Dad will wake up tomorrow very proud I think.

There are more people to thank and that is YOU LOT.

I must also thank my wife Liz as she puts up with me constantly taking calls, answering emails and spending nearly all my spare time trying to make Socks & Chocs a success. Thank you.

Socks & Chocs does not work unless we all adopt the mantra “Lots of people doing a little is better than a few doing a lot!” We have certainly done that in 2015 with many many more people, all over the UK, getting involved. Thank you.

We need people to help us with collections this year so if you are willing to drive around for us do get in touch. We don’t pay expenses as we do what we do because we can and because we want to.

You all know that in 2015 we became a registered charity. I am very proud of this. Lesley and I worked for months to make this happen. We are about inspiring people to collect Socks & Chocs and donate them to homeless centres. If we do get cash, however, we can use the money to buy homeless centres what they need and get it delivered direct. Feel free to text donate if you like. (I am doing a sponsored no alcohol for January to help ). Please for your charity if you are doing any sponsored event as we don’t pay staff or have vehicles, premises or anything. The money goes where it should – on target items. We can’t be anymore of a charity.

Anyway, thank you all for your support and I has inspired you to do your bit.

Please share this message and follow us on Twitter @buskingbobby and @socksandchocs it get in touch via email

Together we can make 2016 better in some way. We can’t change the world but we can change someone’s world. Please be part in 2016.