Feeling Appreciated

I’ve just received this lovely email from Maggs Day Centre in Worcester and we are replicating this nationally now. We don’t do it for the accolade but it is nice when people appreciate the efforts of my team and www.socksandchocs.co.uk.
I can remember a time when we were struggling to supply our service users with socks. We were literally like old mother Hubbard – and we literally had an empty sock cupboard in both the day centre and clothing project. But thanks to socks and chocks this is now a thing of the past, and we are now like the magic porridge pot but one that produces a never ending supply of socks.
Socks and chocs approached us Autumn 2013 – and asked us whether we would like donations of socks and chocs, at which point I got very excited, never actually envisioning how much they would provide. Since then we have probably received almost 10,000 pairs of socks (600 of which were given in one go), and hundreds of kilos of chocs. but it doesnt stop there – our next consignment will be 60 sleeping bags (which are SO needed this time of year for our rough sleepers). so socks and chocs you have helped us:
1. prevent service users freezing to death – sleeping bags
2. prevent issues such as trench foot – socks
3 chocs (this is scientific) releases serotonin into the brain that makes people feel good about themselves – which assist with low level depression and they also taste nice !!!!!!!
So hats off to you all (and yes socks and chocs have even donated us hats) and I would like to thank you so much on behalf of our service users

Halifax Award

Socks and Chocs have just received the Giving Extra Award from Halifax. We will use the £300 high street vouchers to buy underwear to send out to homeless centres that need them.
This is amazing and will help Socks and Chocs help people who are homeless. If you know of any centres that are in need of items, please get in touch.
Thanks to the Halifax for supporting us in helping others and thanks to you guys for your continued support xx

Socks and Chocs Grows

Good Morning Team,
Productive morning for the socks&chocs team with the following purchases being delievered over the next week to those in need-
48 pairs of socks to Homeless Backpack, London.
48 pairs of socks to Whitechapel Centre, Liverpool.
48 pairs of socks to Smile at a Stranger, Devon.
Thanks to everyone for your continued support.

A Very Successful 2014

Hi all,

A massive thank you to all of you for supporting the 2014 campaign.  Did you see the totals:

17072 Pairs of Socks

21648 Chocs

586 Sleeping Bags

2827 Miscellaneous (Hats/gloves/towels/underwear etc)

This is truly amazing.

A nice finish to the year was being interviewed on Midlands Today.

Thank you everyone.


Church Winter Homeless centre

Hi all – I’ve been asked if we can help a church winter homeless centre opening on Monday to March with Socks & Chocs.

It’s Brum based so if anyone can help I will get the address for you all.

In fact we delivered 200 pairs to them on 21 Dec 14 so great they want more help to help those in need.

Register your interest at socksandchocs@yahoo.co.uk.