Socks and Chocs is looking at the possibility of securing and funding short term B and B accommodation so that people can have a safe nights sleep off the streets.  At the same time giving outreach workers the chance to speak to the people and offer further help as needed.

The idea is in it’s infancy at the moment and if anyone wants to help make this happen then please think about sponsoring me for the fitness challenge on 11 May 15.

Of course, running your own collection of socks and chocs is equally important so please continue doing that for us.

BBC Jersey spoke to us about Sanctuary House in Jersey to see if we could help them.  Obviously we can but remember that one of Socks and Chocs’ aims is to promote the collections in communities to help their own area.  So Jersey what can you do to help Sanctuary House?

Thank you all again for supporting Socks and Chocs.