At our recent AGM it was carried unanimously that Socks and Chocs would register as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).  This would mean we would be registered with the charity commission and Socks and Chocs would be issued a charity number.

I will keep you posted here about when this actually happens.

All monies will be carried over and the good work of Socks and Chocs will continue.

As you know, up until this point any money donated to Socks and Chocs was spent only on target items.  As a CIO we have certain unavoidable outgoings such as insurance costs, accountancy fees and other fees just to keep us legal.  (It is not free to set up a charity).  The pledge from the Trustees of Socks and Chocs is that these costs will be kept to a minimum so that maximum help can be given to those in need.  The trustees and volunteers of Socks and Chocs do not get paid a salary and they do not get paid expenses.  This will continue to be the case as we do what we can because we can and because we want to.

The three trustees Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary will ensure that the constitution is adhered to and reserve the right to spend the money as they see fit to further the charitable causes outlined in the constitution.

I am very proud of my team who all give their time and effort to making this work.