A lot of people doing a little, is better than a few people doing a lot. That’s the motto of ex serviceman Ian Northcott BEM (AKA the “Busking Bobby”). In 2010 he decided he wanted to do something to help the homeless people of Birmingham – and that’s where Socks and Chocs began.

The aims or Socks and Chocs Group were:

To relieve hardship and distress among homeless people and among those in need who are living in adverse housing conditions.  In particular but not exclusively by:

The provision of essential items such as bedding, toiletries and clothing.

  • Funding essential health needs which is not already readily accessible such as foot care;
  • By funding short term emergency accommodation particularly (but not limited to) times of cold or otherwise inclement weather.

Having been very successful for 14 years, the Trustees have made the sad decision that it is time to close the formal charity Socks and Chocs and return to inspiring people to run their own local collections for homeless services.

Socks and Chocs