Well what a wonderful year 2015 was for Socks and Chocs.

It was particularly fabulous because many many schools and groups got involved to make a difference. Thank you all.

2015 saw the following items out to homeless centres nationally (Numbers include people inspired by Socks and Chocs and delivering stuff locally to where they live):

13041 Pairs of Socks

7377 Large Boxes of Chocolates (Or 6 x individual bars)

575 Sleeping Bags

4507 Misc items such as Hats/Gloves/Scarves etc.


If you do prefer to donate cash, we can use that to buy sleeping bags or other target items.  You can text donate.  The team do not get paid for what they do and they do not claim expenses.   Socks and Chocs has unavoidable outgoings to keep the charity legal (insurance, training costs, accountancy fees etc).  Apart from these necessary fees all other money donated is spent on items needed and requested by the homeless centres we work with.

If you want to donate anything by text then you simply text the word SOCK08 £2 to 70070 (obviously substitute the “2” for the amount you wish to donate.  Thank you.

Thank you all once again.